New Year, New Space – The Joy of Decluttering

New Year, New Space – The Joy of Decluttering


Anyone else make a New Year’s resolution to clear out all the excess accumulations cluttering your home, your life and your mind?


What steps have you taken to start that journey..?

If you are serious about letting go of clutter, The Joy Filter may be just the tool you need to let go and live a cleaner, less cluttered and stress free life.Jenna Carlsson, owner of

The Joy Filter and a Certified KonMari Consultant discovered the benefits of KonMari as she sought help organizing her own busy career and life. Learning that the key to organizing was both a physical and emotional journey of letting go, Jenna found Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method® an amazingly therapeutic means to living a more joyful, less cluttered life.

As a result of the experience in 2019, she launched her business, The Joy Filter, to help others attain the joy of living and working.

Jenna inspires and supports folks to let go of clutter and create lives of more organization, joy and ease. Need help working through all that you have accumulated over the years? Are you in transition and need to clear your space before you move? Downsizing and needing to get rid of what doesn’t give you joy? Jenna and The Joy Filter work in partnership with you, guiding you through the process, while honoring that every decision is yours. KonMari requires an investment of effort as you declutter and downsize, but it comes back around tenfold in relief, organization and joy. You can think of the method and Jenna as a big of a “space therapist.”
The first step in the process is creating a vision of what you really want in your home and life. Then, the KonMari Method® helps you alight your space to that vision, by deciding if pieces in your home or office advance your vision. Jenna see’s decluttering way to align with our lives with what we love, connecting to our intuition to decide what we want to keep.
She teaches that KonMari is not only a method of decluttering, but also as a tool we can use in all aspects of our lives. This is a method that will always stay with you after you are decluttered and living a life of joy.
If you are interested in learning more about the KonMari Method® or Jenna’s services, get a coupon code to come to a free Clutter Clear-out Parties here. Or, set up a free consultation here to see if KonMari is a good fit for you. Jenna offers both virtual and in-person services and even makes the process fun.
Are you ready to declutter your space and create a life of more organization, joy and ease?

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