Popular home features buyers are willing to pay for

Popular home features buyers are willing to pay for

Before you put your home on the market, it's a smart play to talk to some real estate agents about the features that would attract buyers before committing to an upgrade.

The fundamentals of buying are consistent across America. Buyers will prioritize the location, the property's condition, square footage, number of bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom and the general layout.

Unless you're prepared to undertake a full-scale remodel, you should focus on presenting these elements in the best possible light.

Sometimes, a wow factor or two can be better than renovating. Real estate site Zillow has been cutting the numbers to discover the hot features that excite today's buyers.

Big shock

Electric vehicle charging stations are being offered at more than double (131%) the number of properties than last year. Zillow says homes with an EV station sell at least 10 faster than similar properties with no equivalent facility.

Clever caper

Buyers love a smart home that offers energy efficiency and push-button convenience. Smart lights, sprinklers and thermostats feature in nearly a third more property marketing materials than last year.

Floor it

Buyers are giving a big tick to vinyl flooring. It's amazing how some of these products can look and feel like the wood they're imitating. Vinyl flooring can put almost 2% on the value and your home will sell four days faster. There's a 57% rise in listing information that includes vinyl floors.

Just add salt

Buyers are expressing a preference for saltwater swimming pools rather than the more common chlorinated variety. Why? Fewer chemicals and less maintenance. A home can sell for 2% more than a property with a standard pool.

Back in black

Owners are installing matte black hardware and fixtures, and buyers are loving it. It features in 85% more listing descriptions than last year and can increase your value by an incredible 2%. Prime targets for this feature are the kitchen, bathroom and light fixtures.

Cute in quartz

Quartz countertops are cited 44% more this year than in 2022. Zillow data says homes with this feature sell for 2.3% more than similar properties. They're certainly a stunning addition to any kitchen.

Best of the rest

Wooden paneled walls, textured walls, drought-resistant gardens and manicured lawns at the front and back of a detached house are also big winners for sellers seeking the best possible price.

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