Quick guide to lighting that enhances your home

Quick guide to lighting that enhances your home

Thoughtful lighting design can transform a space, enhancing its beauty, functionality and overall atmosphere. 

But selecting the right lights is so much more than choosing your favorite style at the local retail store. 

This quick guide will help you use lighting to improve the look of your home.

1. Dark secret

Large rooms will need more than a ceiling light. Skimping in any room, especially a large one, is one of the most common mistakes we make when installing new lighting.

2. Fixture focus

The fixtures you select can make or break the success of a room. For example, a dining room needs a pendant light or chandelier over the table, otherwise it's not going to differentiate itself. So, do not ignore function.

3. Easy mistakes

We all love ambient light, right? But maybe not in the bathroom or the work areas of a kitchen. A common error is to forget that lighting has a function. So ensure your fixtures meet your needs when cooking and washing.

4. Dimmer switches

These are worth the additional expense as you can change a room's mood instantly. Don't think of light as one setting. Dimmer switches give you options, especially in living areas, the dining room and bedrooms.

6. Which watts?

Another trap to avoid is buying wall lights or floor lamps without considering the wattage of the bulb they can handle. Each fixture will have a recommended maximum wattage. Once installed, it's a good idea to try bulbs of various wattages to see what works best in the room.

7. Warm lights

Always think of light as warm or cold to visualize the impact in a particular room. If you're seeking a relaxing atmosphere in a living area or bedroom, you'll want warm lights of 2,700-3,000k. Light warmth is measured in Kelvin – hence the “k”.

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