Strategies to boost curb Appeal

Strategies to boost curb Appeal

If you're preparing to sell your home soon, you'll be getting lots of advice about the price you should ask, the right time to sell, the state of the local market, and even the right agent to engage.

One golden piece of guidance should never be ignored: give your home curb appeal. 

A great first impression makes all the difference to the rest of a buyer's inspection. And if they immediately dislike the exterior, an offer is unlikely to be forthcoming.

Curb appeal isn't just about tidying up the front yard. It's a statement of intent in which you're telling the buyer that your home is well-maintained and loved, and you're serious about making a great deal.

And it's more than aesthetic touches, too. The path or driveway leading to your home should be in excellent condition, ensuring any cracks have been fixed.

The front of the home will be washed down, and the paintwork will be in excellent condition. Porch lights will be switched on and working, and your front door will be in perfect condition.

These additional touches will help enhance the street appeal to buyers.

Sweet seating

Update the seating out front to give visitors an additional welcoming feature. A table and chairs also maximize your home's square footage. Avoid rocking chairs: they're kitsch, and most buyers don't see themselves in one.

Color capers

Color counts for a lot throughout a home. You can use potted plants, cushions for outdoor furniture or even add an attractive splash by using a primary color for your front door.

Garden gambit

While most homes will have a front lawn, buyers are receptive to different styles of front yard. Large expanses of wild grasses in gravel have become popular. However, one rule is to ensure your front yard is neat and tidy. If you have a lawn, mow it. If you have flowerbeds, weed them.

Light it up

Purchasing new lighting fixtures and security lights will always have a positive impact on a buyer's first impression. Quality lighting also makes for great marketing photos. Solar lights positioned around steps, garage entrance and edges of pathways are all positive touches.

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